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Eliminate stress! With Mark My Mooring™ the windsock allows you to confidently navigate into the wind for better boat handling. All Captains, will be able to keep the Bow of the Boat DIRECTLY on the Mooring ball, even in the WINDIEST of conditions! Mark My Mooring™ provides you a visual aid from the helm, allowing you to be confident, like and like an Olympian you’ll stick your landing every time!

We are so confident you will love mooring with slack lines, we GUARANTEE it. If you don’t love it, all we need is a receipt for proof of purchase within 30 days, and we’ll give you your money back! We are fellow boaters and Mark My Mooring™ works really well!

Mark My Mooring™ is an approximately 10’ tall, bright orange foam covered marker that can be seen easily from hundreds of feet away! Once at the mooring, in windy conditions, it can be a challenge for even the most accomplished Captain, to keep your bow up against the mooring ball. After your First mate successfully grabs the pickup stick, the captain can’t easily see the actual mooring ball from the helm. With no visual on the ball, the boat can drift even a few feet away from the ball, making it a real struggle to hold onto those lines which can become taut very quickly.

Taut lines are hard to tie off onto the cleats. A multi-ton boat is not easy to pull closer to the mooring ball. Mark My Mooring™ helps put an end to the strained backs and arms, rope burned hands, balance issues, slips, and falls, especially if the Captain leave the helm to run up and help the first mate. Someone can get hurt, we all know it can be downright dangerous at times. The Captain NEEDS a visual aid, especially after the pickup stick is grabbed! It allows for slacklines all the time, making it easy for the crew and especially for the solo captain. Once he puts his bow on Mark My Mooring™ you’re good to go!

Mark My Mooring™ inserts into the hole in a mooring ball (most mooring balls have this configuration with an exposed hole in the middle or you can ask your mooring service to configure yours). Keep the bow lined up with the pole and the boat is exactly where it needs to be for an easy tie-up with slacklines! The foam-cover pole protects your boat’s gel coat and it floats should it get dropped overboard accidentally! Once the boat is tied off securely, Mark My Mooring™ is removed from the ball, and stowed on the bow rails with the Velcro ties that are included in the package!

* Mark My Mooring™ eliminates stress by improving your mooring skills on the windiest of days​. ​
* Mark My Mooring™ e​asy to install and works in all weather conditions.
* Mark My Mooring™ allows you to confidently know where your mooring ball is​ at all times from the helm.
* Mark My Mooring™ makes it very easy to navigate into the wind for better boat handling.
* Mark My Mooring™ ​ stows compactly on the bow rails with the provided Velcro straps, ready for your next outing.


Your mooring ball needs to have a hole in the center for Mark My Mooring pole to slide into. You can always convert yours by asking your mooring provider to assist you or purchase the correct ball.

Are you outside the USA? Good news, we now ship to over 100 Countries Worldwide. Please visit and set-up an account, it takes just two minutes and it's good forever - Thank you.

Mark My Mooring™ with your choice of one Windsock (please see the selection below) with Free Shipping

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When you buy two Mark My Mooring™ poles, one remains on the boat, while one can be kept in the car. Just add the ground stake and swivel arm, located on the accessories page and you're ready for outings!  Now you'll be able to use your Mark My Mooring™ Pole to Mark Your Spot at the beach, lake, and concerts so you can easily locate your beach chairs, towels and cooler, on your way back from the water or the concession stand.

No more searching for your spot!!  Great for the kids to find their way back to you!

Vist the accessories page for additional windsock, ground stake and swivel arm.  Mark My Mooring™ makes a great gift for your friends!

Mark My Mooring testimonials, we love our customers!

You usually get one chance to grab the mooring line before the tide sweeps you on by, forcing you to go around and try it again. Mark My Mooring, makes it much easier to stay on top of the mooring ball. My wife likes being able to just concentrate on grabbing the pick-up stick, with slack lines and she says, it makes mooring easy, fast, and no longer has to struggle with taut lines. Happy Boater! Ron B., New Rochelle, NY
♦ This device is invaluable to us and worth every penny. Howard P., Canary Islands
Exactly what I needed. Bunta H. Nishinomiya, Japan
Couldn't be happier. Santiago, M., La Gomera, Islas Canarias, Spain
Five Stars. Great product and a good value for sure. Makes picking up a mooring line ever so easy. Caesar P., Cyprus, Mediterranean
Perfect for our sailboat. Ralph M., Sag Harbor, NY
Using it for sailboat mooring. Mark My Mooring marker makes it easy to see from the tiller, so you don't have to keep yelling back. Pete M., Tampa, FL
Sturdy & stays upright in rough water. June V., BVI
Works as intended. I use it with our pick-up buoy to make mooring easier. Hirohisa J., Yokosuka, Japan
This has been used for a season and is exactly as required for easy mooring. Bob T., Deltaville, VA
Works well for our motorboat. Makes it much easier mooring our boat. James I., Chesapeake Bay
I cannot understand why every mooring does not have a Mark My Mooring. Now I can moor single handed without trouble. Rich M., St. Thomas
♦ Everything I envisioned for easy mooring. Harry G., Port Jefferson, NY

Windsock Designs

Rainbow Trout

High quality marine grade windsock 18 inches.

Beach Scene

​​​​​​High quality marine grade windsock 15 inches.

Tropical Drinks

​​​​​​High quality marine grade windsock 15 inches.

Stars and Stripes

​​​​​​High quality marine grade windsock 15 inches.

Jolly Roger

​​​​​​High quality marine grade windsock 15 inches.

Mountain Scene

​​​​​​High quality marine grade windsock 15 inches.

Rainbow Damsel Fish

​​​​​​High quality marine grade windsock 15 inches.


High quality marine grade windsock 18 inches.

Mark My Mooring™ with your choice of one Windsock with Free Shipping

Please choose your windsock style

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